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LNew Lithium Battery briefing course 2022  - Course Detail

New Lithium Battery briefing course 2022

This course is based on the content of the IATA Lithium Battery Shipping Guidelines, a comprehensive guide designed for shippers and packer to meet their safety obligations related to the safe transport of dangerous goods by air. This course is recommended for personnel responsible for processing or acceptation DG consignments


In the course, you will examine the classification and identification of dangerous goods, with particular focus on lithium batteries, and learn how to complete the necessary documentation, marking, labelling and packaging of shipments

1. Classification of lithium battery shipment

2. Identification of lithium battery shipment

3. Packing Instruction of lithium battery shipment

4. Marking and labelling

5. Documentation

6. Significant change in DGR 63rd edition (2022)


Course fee: HK$ 500 per person

Course time: 2.5 hours

Will issue Certificate of Attendance to participants.



*Participants are preferred to hold the DG Certificate to take the course.

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