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DG Consulting & Packaging

Under IATA DGR, we offer DG Consulting Service to licensed shipper/manufacturer:

1. Marking, labelling, packing & re-packing service
2. Documentation
3. Perform " Acceptance Procedure" before sending shipment to operator
4. Labels - Hazard labels and Handling labels


Please deliver the shipment or purchase labels to our contractor at:

Shing Hei Package & Supply Chain Services Co.Ltd.     誠晞包裝及供應鏈服務有限公司

Unit F, 1/F, Block E, Superluck Industrial Centre Phase 2, 30-38 Tai Chung Road, Tusen Wan, N.T., HK

Tel: (852) 3619 5506  Fax: (852) 3619 5507 E-mail:

Attention: Alex Fung

* We are not responsible for any inner packaging content/limit. All works performed are in accordance with DGR 61st edition,no decanting will be performed.

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