Regulated Agent Regime (RAR) Security Training
(Accredited by Civil Aviation Department, Hong Kong)

Course duration : 1 day (4.5 hours)
Medium of instruction: Cantonese, notes & test are in bi-language
Course fee : HK$800.00
Venue : Unit 510, 5/F, Fabrico Industrial Building, 78-84 Kwai Cheong Road, Kwai Chung, NT
Course outline : see below


1. Objective of cargo security

2. International and local requirements

3. Key parties of air cargo security regime

4. Known cargo and unknown cargo handling procedures

5. Physical protection of cargo

6. Security screening methods for clearing unknown cargo, including alternative methods of screening cargo

     which is difficult to be screened by x-ray equipment
7. Exempted cargo
8. RAR Training for Nominated Persons and Security Awareness Training
9. Personnel Security

10. Handling Procedures for Regulated Agent Regime (RAR)
11. Maintenance of documents

12. Treatment of high risk cargo (including suspect cargo)

13. Self-assessment and regulatory oversight 

1. 空運貨物保安的目的

2. 國際及本地的規定

3. 管制代理人制度的主要單位

4. 已知及非已知貨物的處理程序

5. 貨物實質保護

6. 非已知貨物的保安檢查方式,包括為難以 X 光檢查的空運貨物進行安檢的替代方法
7. 豁免貨物
8. 兩名貨物保安的指定人的管制代理人保安培訓及保安意識培訓
9. 人員保安

10. 《管制代理人制度空運貨物處理程序》
11. 裝運單據的備存

12. 高風險貨物(包括可疑貨物)的處理

13. 自我評估方式及監管 

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