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FAR Seminar

New FAR Seminar

Next FAR Seminar will be re-scheduled to 10 - 11 December 2016.

Date: 10 - 11 December 2016
Time: 0900 - 1700
Venue: LTK office - Kwai Chung
Tutor: Mr. Richard Brown
Number of Seat: 12 , first come first serve.


Introduction of 2 Days Seminar  
The LTK FAA Airframe and Powerplant Test Seminar is a two days course.  It is specifically for those who will travel to the United States to seek authorization from an FAA Airworthiness Inspector and then test for the US FAA Mechanics Certificate.  This Seminar prepares you for meeting the FAA Inspector and successfuly passing the Authorization Interview.  
This seminar also provides experience with certain Practical Test subjects not normally encountered by mechanics working on Transport Category Air Carrier aircraft.    
The Seminar will be conducted by Richard Brown, a former US FAA Airworthiness Aviation Safety Inspector.  Richard Brown spent seven years with the Oakland Flight Standards District Office.  While there, he conducted over 80 A&P Test authorization interviews of Chinese mechanics

After completion of this seminar students will know whether their English language usage is adequate and whether their experience meets the minimum standards.  Those who are not ready will be given specific suggestions to strengthen their backgrounds.  Students will understand the interview process and be able to face the FAA Inspector with confidence.



INTRODUCTIONS - Students and Instructor will introduce themselves to each other to generate an open and friendly environment.

REGULATORY REVIEW - The seminar will quickly move to a review of the minimum qualifcation requirements as well as the process all FAA Inspectors use for determining applicant eligibility.

DOCUMENTATION - Students will compare their experience dossiers against the regulatory minimum standards

DIRECTIONS AND CONTACT INFORMATION - A walk to and through the Oakland FSDO with exposure to the 'meet and greet' practices you will encounter at the office.

APPLICATION PRACTICE - The first English language competency test used by the FAA is the completion of FAA Form 8610-2. Students will become familiar with the form, and the instructions by practicing completing it.

WEBSITE NAVIGATION - Students will be exposed to the FAA website for finding information such as Testing Standards, Examiner testing procedures and Core Competency Elements.


INTERVIEWS - Mr. Brown will conduct simulated FAA interviews with all of the students individually.

CORE COMPETENCY ELEMENTS - students will learn about these required Practical Test subjects and how to prepare for them.

WEIGHT AND BALANCE - students will learn the fundamentals of aircraft weight and balance control and perform a weight and balance problem based on an alteration.

FAR PART 43 - A review of Part 43 with special emphasis on maintenance record rules.

FAA FORM 337 - Usinging the weight and balance problem data, students will go through the completion of FAA Form 337 step by step.

MAINTENANCE RECORDS - Students will learn about the various aircraft records they may encounter during the Practical test. Studnts will practice executing a proper maintenance record entry.

CHANGE IN O&P TEST - updated in October 2015


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