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What is CBTA?

The DG training framework for Hong Kong and the corresponding application forms for Approval of DG Training Programmes are designed to align to the aforementioned requirements. Employers need to ensure that DG training provided to employees on or after 1 January 2023 meets the new requirements. Applicants for DG training programme approval will be required to demonstrate with documented evidence that their programmes have been designed and will be conducted based on the principles of competency-based approach to training and assessment. Training certificates that are issued before 1 January 2023 and have a validity period beyond 1 January 2023 will continue to be valid until they expire.


The ensuing paragraphs contain information to assist applicants in adopting a competency-based approach to DG training and assessment (CBTA) in their DG training programmes intended for consideration and approval by the CAD. This guidance information is adapted from the ICAO Document – Guidance on a Competency-based Approach to Dangerous Goods Training and Assessment (ICAO Doc 10147) and can be read in conjunction with the Proposed Framework for Implementation of Competency-based Approach to DG Training and Assessment in Hong Kong, which was published by the CAD in April 2021


Recurrent Training and Assessment


Personnel must receive recurrent training and assessment within 24 months of previous training and assessment to ensure that competency has been maintained. However, if recurrent training and assessment is completed within the final three months of validity of the previous training and assessment, the period of validity extends from the month on which the recurrent training and assessment was completed until 24 months from the expiry month of that previous training and assessment.

For example, if recurrent training is required by the end of October 2021, then any training occurring between August 2021 and the end of October 2021 will result in a new recurrent training date of October 2023.



Training and Assessment Records


The employer must maintain all records of training and assessment for personnel who have a role to play in ensuring the safe transport of DG by air in Hong Kong. These include records of training needs analysis and assessments to ensure competence of personnel, such as a summary of training records and the relevant training certificate(s) issued by third party training providers, as applicable.




New Training:


(a) Personnel responsible for preparation of DG consignments

(Previous Category 1 personnel – Shipper or Freight Forwarder)




(c) Personnel responsible for processing or accepting DG consignments

(Previous Category 3 personnel – Freight Forwarder)


Course fee: Basic course HKD 5,500 (included Certificates) 5 days

           Refresher course HKD 3,500 (included Certificates) 3 days




(b) Personnel responsible for processing or accepting goods presented as general cargo

(Previous Category 4 personnel – Freight Forwarder)




(d) Personnel responsible for handling cargo in a warehouse, and loading and unloading unit load devices

(Previous Category 5 personnel – Freight Forwarder)


Course fee: HKD 680 (included Certificates)


CBTA – Competency-Based approach to dangerous goods Training & Assessment


According to the 2021-2022 edition of the Technical Instructions for the Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air (TI) published by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), dangerous goods (DG) training requirements for employees of shippers, freight forwarders, aircraft operators, etc. have been revised from the current categorization approach to a competency-based approach, which will become mandatory from 1 January 2023.

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